Here’s to Your Health

Hey y’all!

It’s post Mother’s Day 2017 and that means I’m probably typing this still reeling from last weekend’s carb overload.  Take that back, there is no probably to this. I am absolutely feeling every bit of sugar and flour I consumed last week.   Anyway, I’m here today to share a bit of my weight loss success.


Here goes:

My senior year of high school, I was a size 24. A freakin 24, y’all.


Today, exactly 20 years later, I am a size 14/16.



When I tell people my former size, I usually get the response, “girl, you look great!”  I appreciate that y’all!  I really do!  I know I look great, but this size 14/16 does not always feel great.  So I can usually be found doing what I can to not only move to a smaller size, but doing what I can to move to a healthier body.  As opposed to a fully developed, coming of age story, I prefer to share some all over the place bullet points on what has been working for me on this healthy body journey:


  •  I’ve been low carbing for about 2 years now.  I used to low-cal aka count my calories.  And that worked, but it was too restrictive. Low carbing essentially means cutting out or decreasing foods that are high in carbs.  I remember reading somewhere that the average American consumes between 250-350 grams of carbs a day.  The first time I tried low carb, I limited myself to 20 carbs a day.   My body responded amazingly well and I lost 9 pounds.  Of course I gained about 5 of those pounds back as soon as I upped my carbs, but that was expected.  So now, I’ve learned to keep my carbs at about 50-75 a day.  I try to NEVER go above 100.  But it happens, especially on weekends.  When I stay at about 50 during the week, and exercise, I can definitely feel the difference in my body, and that’s just over a 3 day period.
  • What low carb foods do I stock in my fridge and pantry?  Eggs, ground turkey, chicken, cauliflower, spinach, zucchini, squash, cheese, kale, low sugar fruits, nuts, peanut butter.    I sometimes cook turkey burgers for breakfast and end my day with an omelette.  I eat what I feel like eating.  There is no such thing as breakfast foods or dinner foods. There is just food!
  • What foods do I try to avoid?  All bread, grains (even whole grains), anything with flour, potatoes, anything with sugar, especially juices.
  • If I intentionally eat carbs, I try to eat them during the day so I can burn them off way before bed time.
  • I am constantly on Pinterest searching for low-carb recipes.  There are full blogs dedicated to low-carb recipes.  I subscribe to them, I check them at least once a week and I make it a point to try a new recipe at least every 2 weeks.
  • On avoiding sugar:  By far the toughest thing ever.  I feel like I need something sweet with every meal 🙁  But there are good number of low carb desserts.  I usually do peanut butter and cream cheese if I don’t feel like making anything sweet.  But my favorite recipe is a almond four short-breadish cookie, and this pudding-like dessert made with cream cheese and heavy whipping cream.
  • I don’t believe in eating full, whole meals.  Growing up, I thought every meal needed  meat, bread, some kind of pasta side, a veggie, and a sugary beverage.  NOPE. NADA. NOT GONNA WORK. H#!L TO THE NAW NAW NAW!  I now eat and graze throughout the day.
  • I try not to eat after 9pm.  Cause eating too heavy right before bed time is guaranteed weight gain.  Now that I eat throughout the day, I’m not that hungry after 9p, unless I’ve had a looong day.
  • Don’t be afraid or ashamed to do something to jump-start your weight loss.  A few months ago, I tried the Iaso Tea.  I bought it from a Dartichia Lee at I lost about 8 pounds over the course of 2 weeks.  It was a detox tea so most of that loss was water weight, but it was just what I needed to jump-start some healthy habits. I’ll do it again in a few weeks.


  • Most of you know that I’m cleaning houses, offices, and businesses now.  I clean roughly 2 houses a day, during the week.  This is back-breaking work, y’all.  It’s tough, but I see the difference in my body.  I’ve actually gained a few pounds since I’ve started, but my clothes fit better. My butt is shaping up nicely, my stomach fat is dissolving, and as Maddie told me, my rolls on my back are getting smaller.  Out of the mouths of babes, right?
  • Don’t always pay attention to the scale.  About a month ago, I was a solid size 16 at 220 pounds.  Now I am about 223 pounds and a size 14/16.  I’d like to see me in a solid 12. I may get there and be content, or I may get there and want to go down more.  I don’t know, I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  • During the week, I average about 13,000 steps a day. Couple that with a low-carb diet, and it’s automatic weight loss.
  • Before I cleaned, I still made it a point to work-out.  I have a membership at the Kroc and Planet Fitness.  I love the pool at the Kroc and Planet Fitness is close to me and open 24/7.  Working out is a must!  If I didn’t have a gym membership, I would still walk outside. I love walking Shelby Farms, and Riverside or anywhere downtown Memphis.  If the weather didn’t permit, I’d step in place while watching TV.
  • I kid you not, I love to work out.  It can be painful during the process, but it feels so good afterwards.  I sleep better, I release toxins, my skin glows because I release toxins, and it’s relaxing.



  • I tell people all the time, you really have to be in the right mind-space to be willing to do the work to lose weight.  It takes work.  It takes energy.  It takes planning.  It takes focus.  It takes replacing old habits with new habits.  It’s almost like you’re a kid, learning something new, except this time you have to consider that you have to unlearn before you learn, so it’s tougher.
  • Being physically healthy wasn’t a thing when I was growing up.  So I have to make a thing now.
  • It’s tough making health a thing when you’ve got so many other things that require your attention.  But if you want to conquer your health goals, it’s got to be a priority.  And that is so easier said than done.  Believe me, I know.   BUT, it can be done!
  • Fall down, but don’t stay down.  Get up!  You will fall down!  Whether you eat half a donut or 3 whole donuts.  You will do something to counteract your progress.  Oh well, it happens.  Don’t dwell on it.  Take it as a lesson, not a loss.  Dig deep or skim the surface, figure out why you fell and try not to fall again.  I discovered that I usually stall on the weekends.  Meaning, I will gain a pound or 2 over the weekend because I tend to high carb.  I found out I stick to low carb better when I use the weekend as an opportunity to indulge in my fav low carb foods: hot wings and cauliflower pizza!  Yep, hot wings are low carb when they are not dredged in flour. Yes. Lawd.
  • You’ve got to get tired of your poor health being a hindrance.  It’s only when you get tired and disgusted with it, that you’ll be motivated to make the changes necessary to improve it.
  • It’s ok if losing weight is a vanity thing.  There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you want to lose weight to look better.  I’m right there with you.  I promise.  Don’t let this holistic approach fool you.  I’m slick and straight vain.


Here’s to less toxins, glowing skin, and a healthier you!