Born and raised in the culturally rich city of Memphis, TN, Kim Brown knew she was birthed to flourish in a space where she is poised to be creatively free.


In the early 2000's, Kim began crafting and selling her handmade jewelry.  Receiving compliments for her ability to rock her unique jewelry paired with an equally unique clothing aesthetic, she began to fulfill requests for personal fashion and wardrobe styling.  During her styling realm, Kim had the absolute pleasure of working with local, regional, and national celebrities, including comedian Cleatis Allen Jr., branding guru Audria Richmond, and the young teen sensation, Kyndall Harris, who is currently touring as a dancer with Janet Jackson.


After Kim's styling stint, she and a business partner opened "The Seen" in Downtown Memphis.  The Seen was the first of it's kind in the city, offering a cooperative creative retail and art space for local, indie, and underground crafters and artists to sell their wares and creations.  The Seen hosted numerous listening parties, weekend markets, pop-up shops, and kickbacks. It was an opening and inviting space for cultured individuals who appreciated Memphis' booming Black culture.


Since The Seen, Kim has taken a step back to focus on raising her bright star, her teen daughter, Maddie. Kim is also turning her energy toward her physical and mental wellness. Losing over 50 pounds in her adult life, has moved her to continue the journey to optimal balance.


Follow Kim here at, as she chronicles her socialite and health adventures.