Delight & Desire in the Detox


What originally began as a food based detox to fit in an Egyptian inspired, form fitting gown for Maddie’s Debutante presentation, evolved into a desire to remove so much more of what I thought to be the bare necessities of life:  the unnecessary noise, the unfruitful fodder, the unrequited righteousness.  

On Tuesday, April 9th, I posted on my Facebook and Instagram accounts that a pool workout was my way of mind-prepping to delve into a strict detox.  No  coffee, no alcohol, no flour or grains after 3 pm, limited sugar, plus a daily mug of Dandy Dream tea from my girl, Tiarica of G’s Teas, to help rid my system of toxins.  

About an hour after posting about the detox, I got a strong and sincere urge to go ahead and cut off social media, by deleting any app that gave me instant access to the lives of others.  There was no stress surrounding that decision.  It just felt natural and necessary.  I didn’t consider what I would be missing.  I didn’t go back and forward with all the reasons why I needed social media. I just swiftly adopted the notion that it would enhance my detox.  

Well, the dress I ordered online that initiated this detox, was delivered the following Thursday.  It fit like a glove, without shape-wear…ky-imitrex/.  There was really no need to restrict myself for the sake of this dress.  But, my name is Kim, and I hardly back down from challenges.  I was genuinely looking forward to the outcome of the work I was about to put in.

In cutting back and denying myself those foods that I thought made me happier, I learned that the joy I received from them, was actually just perceived satisfaction.  Why?  Because true satisfaction results in a sort of everlasting and momentum-building type of joy.   A joy that breeds new and more interesting forms of joy.  A joy that leaves an introspective imprint.

Coffee had me floating on cloud 9 for a good 3-4 hours, then it brought me back down, even lower.  I’ve never been much of an alcohol drinker, but seeing as though it takes me up to an hour to fall asleep, I thought it’s consumption was an optimum way to doze off, instantly.  But I always awakened thirsty, dehydrated and sometimes even more tired. 

Sugar is our friend, well, my friend. Sugar is vegan.  Sugar tastes great.  But our bodies aren’t meant to consume too much of even the good sugar from fruits.  Our bodies eventually break down a lot of the carbs we consume and convert it to sugar anyway, so we don’t need to add any more sugar on top of our usual diets.  It forces our bodies to do unnecessary work.  Sugar, you sure taste divine going down, but your ends just don’t justify your means, my friend. 

As for social media…It was just information and sensory overload for me.  I like peace and quiet.  I am at my best when I have the space and freedom to be in my own thoughts, wrestle with my own ideas, and journey through my own mind.  I’m that extrovert that finds strength in being alone.  

Needless to say, venturing away from my norms gave me the permission I needed to rest in some new norms.  My meditation deepened.  My mindfulness practice was enriched.  I even claimed the space I needed to nurture new and timely relationships.  I listened to more enlightening podcasts.  I tried new recipes.  I discovered new forms of joy.

I now pray with more intent.  I focus with more intent.  I move with more intent.  And that’s just from 2 weeks of work. Give me a month, y’all…and watch me transform into something even more magical.

By the way, I still consume caffeine in the form of pure matcha green tea, it’s a gentle float on cloud 9, that I never feel dissipating. 

Today, I pray that you’re finding and defining true, genuine, and evolving joy.  I pray that you dig deep into the practices that enhance your life’s experiences.  I pray that you come to know that who you will be tomorrow can be different, if you do the work today.

Allow me to end with my latest affirmations:

I am awakend

I am aware

I am aligned

I am attuned 

I’m not bothering posting a before vs after comparison pic. Just know that I was and I am glowing🌟