Dynamic Healing for the Natural and Supernatural Self
Welcome to SEE Healing. Whether you entered here by way of SEEYourHealing.com, or KimagineThat.com, I want you to know that they are one in the same. You are invited to peruse these pages for inspiration, for pleasure, for entertainment, for knowledge, wisdom, or guidance, but above all, you are welcomed to this space to explore the transformative space of healing. I believe that healing is a dynamic and vibrant engagement that transpires on many levels, in many realms, and on many planes. It is not a one-time doing, a single happening, or a one dimensional action. Healing is available for your whole self, through your engagements with your inner and external self. It is a daily, moment by moment unfolding of self, spirit, energy, and the earth around you. In that understanding, healing is always accessible to you! It is my desire to explore these dynamic and vibrant healing spaces, whether they be ancient, ancestral, futuristic, or foreign, so that I can guide you in unearthing your very own portal to a personal and intimate knowing of your ever-evolving and transformed self.