Who is Kim?

Born and raised in the deep southern streets and culturally rich city of Memphis, TN, Kim learned at an early age that she was birthed to flourish in a space where she was poised to be creatively free. In the early 2000’s, Kim began crafting and selling her handmade jewelry. Receiving compliments for her ability to rock her unique jewelry paired with an equally unique clothing aesthetic, she began to fulfill requests for personal fashion and wardrobe styling. During her styling realm, Kim had the absolute pleasure of working with local, regional, and national celebrities, including comedian Cleatis Allen Jr., branding guru Audria Richmond, and the young teen sensation, Kyndall Harris, who is currently touring as a dancer with Janet Jackson.

After Kim’s styling stint, she and a business partner opened “The Seen” in Downtown Memphis. The Seen was one of the first of its kind in the city, offering a cooperative creative retail and art space for local, indie, and underground crafters and artists to sell their wares and creations. The Seen hosted numerous listening parties, weekend markets, pop-up shops, and kickbacks. It was an opening and inviting space for cultured individuals who appreciated Memphis’ booming Black artistic and creative culture.

Kim’s dive into the retail industry proved to be an exciting adventure, yet she realized there was more to life than documented goals and surface level achievements. Such temporal desires satisfied her in portion, but not in whole. In 2016, after a series of health scares and hospital visits, Kim began the grueling work of healing herself through healthy food choices and physical activity. In 2017, she adopted a plant based vegan lifestyle. This introduction into a health centered diet, opened the door for her to explore the transformative space of healing the whole self.

What once started as an experience in elevated physical health, morphed into a desire for a more integrated healing: mind, body and spirit. Kim has shifted her work towards enlightening others, especially Black Women, on the importance of caring for self, not in part, but holistically. Using her education, experience and gifts, Kim currently employs her liberation practices as an Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Care Practitioner, and Transformational Alchemist.

Kim consider herself to be a child of the universe who exists by Divine guidance.  She believes we are all ultimately of one spirit, birthed from one star.  It is through the Divine’s calling forth of cosmic movements of gasses, metals, and heavy elemental forces that we live, breathe, and exist on this earthly plane. Though she honors this connection with all of the human race, Kim revels in the Black, Southern U.S. blood that courses through her veins, by way of her African lineage.  Therefore, she finds home, solace, and refuge in African and Black Southern spaces.  Still, she is a child of the universe, who taps into Divinely created spaces, around this globe and across endless and expansive cosmic spaces never before seen by human.  It is Kim’s desire to tap into the ever-present dynamic and vibrant healing spaces, whether they be ancient, ancestral, futuristic, foreign, cultural or cosmic, so that she can guide you in unearthing your very own portal to a personal and intimate engagement with your ever-evolving self.  

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