Products & Services

As an Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Care Practitioner, and Transformational Alchemist, it is my sacred assignment to navigate you along your divine journey of claiming your space in the natural and spiritual. This blessed undertaking can be awakened through a myriad of mediums and beliefs, however, I specialize in energy work, holistic health, and spiritual care.
Below I have outlined my most popular offerings, but I am open to customizing a session tailored to fit your needs and desires.  


Virtual Only : $15
This session is designed to gauge your needs, and for you to learn more about what it is I do, so that you can determine if future sessions and services are a fit for you.

Face to Face: $70hr
Virtual: $70hr
Transformative healing sessions are designed to guide you towards identifying your spiritual and highest self, then teaching you how to allow this self to be the conduit that informs your decisions. By operating within and from a spirit-centric space, you’ll find you are capable of living a more balanced life – guided by your intuition, a life that frees you and uncovers your potent power, and a life that reveals the beauty of a holistic health approach. Through these sessions, you’ll grow to know that life is happening FOR you, not TO you.

Possible Topics Unearthed During Your Session(s):
+Metaphysical Conceptualization
+Ancestor Work
+Reading and Understanding Vibrational Frequencies
+Resonance & Discernment
+Identifying Negative Forces, Entities, and Attachments
+Ritual Development
+Shadow Work
+Nature as Magic


Face to Face and Virtual: $40
Using your choice of my oracle card decks, these intuitive sessions are designed to pinpoint specific or overall events, arcs, and happenings in your life. During this session, expect one or all of the following to transpire:
Please note that oracle card readings are not designed to offer transformative healing


Face to Face: $40/hour
Virtual: $40/hour

During these sessions, we will briefly discuss your needs and desires so that I can be guided to assisting you in developing your personal expression of spiritual rituals and self care practices. These rituals and practices raise your vibrational frequency, assist you in unearthing your highest self, and connect you to the unseen spiritual realm where the magic happens:

Possible Rituals and Practices:
+Altar Building
+Grace & Gratitude
+Rest + Sleep Invocation
+Breath Work
+Meditation + Mindfulness
+Grounding Techniques
+Mirror Work

(1 hour)
Face to Face Only: $60/hour

A visit to your home, office, or physical space of your choosing, this service is designed to offer suggestions on shifting the energy of your space in order to welcome beauty, peace, flow, and calm. By understanding the flow of energy through the placement of decor, removal and/ rearranging of items, and addition of items such as relics, pictures, heirlooms, and the like, your space will set the atmosphere for you to begin the work in evoking those desires you wish to see manifested. Session price also includes a ritual cleansing of your space.




I have officially launched my offering S.E.E Healing products.  I have various spiritual, metaphysical and physical healing aids that support your vibrational transitions.   Selling online hasn’t resonated with me just yet, but I’ll be set up in various spots and pop-ups throughout the city.  If you’re interested in purchasing from my collection, contact me.

I have teas, stones, healing herbal soaks, incense, smudges, and more.