🍕Best Pizza Ever🍕

And by best, I mean best. Best I’ve eaten, in all the cities, in all the pizzerias, in all the Italian eateries…

Just the best.

I’m a true blue, tried and true, pizza lover.  As a teen, it was one of the first dishes I learned to cook, with a crust from scratch, yeast rising and all.  I wouldn’t classify myself as a connoisseur, but I know a good pizza when I taste one.

The blissful concoction I speak of: the veggie pizza from Newk’s, minus the cheese, of course. First, I had to ask the young lady if the crust had milk or eggs. Clearly she had never been asked before, cause after checking her handy dandy notebook of what I guess was the Newks ultimate ingredient encyclopedia, she walked to the kitchen to get an answer. Nearly 5 minutes later she returned with “no”. Let’s just hope she was right.

Between the combo of veggies, the spices and herbs, the basil pesto sauce, and the addition of capers, roasted garlic, and pepperoncini peppers that I chose from their crudités island, I couldn’t put this pizza down.

Thank God the closest Newk’s to me is in Horn Lake, MS, otherwise I’d be there dang near every day.  Then again, I also thank God for this new me who realizes that my body can’t take this much bread.  The old me would definitely go out her way to buy what she craved.

Thank God for the new me. Thank God for the Newks veggie pizza.

Newk’s Veggie Pizza, minus the cheese.