Thou Shalt Not Exalt Social Media Higher Than Thyself

Let’s talk about it, y’all. I’m going to spare y’all backstory and stuff, I’m just going to get right down to the nitty gritty.  Here’s what I see…

Y’all, we gotta be more careful with the time, energy and presence we share across social media and digital platforms.  Many of us are way too entrenched in these systems that carry little personal connection and spare no expense as it relates to our social, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.  Here’s what I want us to understand: Energies and spirits that mean us no good are seeking whom they may devour, and they don’t care how they make their way into our sacred realm.  If we are not consciously aware of the intricate movements of these entities, we will fall victim to their desires to attach themselves to us.  I consider myself to be uber-sensitive to these motions, and even I have to temper my time so as to not subject myself to attempts to weaken my identity that I’ve painstakingly redefined and reconstructed and continue to divinely define.

The advent of communicating, communing and building community across digital platforms has granted humankind the permission to bypass the necessary and vital function of connecting with each other soul to soul and spirit to spirit.   While it is a construct void of soul and spirit, we as humans infuse and transfer our sometimes flawed emotions and energies into this construct, therefore giving it a pseudo-life that carries with it the ability to jump and flow from person to person. We must understand that there is no honor amongst digital systems. It is numbers, algorithms, data, wires, metal boxes, and man-made systems.  Such systems carry no instinctual intention, there are only perceived social connections that yes, benefit us on some level, but they are in no way designed to bridge our human desire to be connected to self and each other in a transformational way.

Just yesterday on my Facebook page, I shared a bit about the work of manifestation.  It’s a trendy buzz-word that’s bandied about, to and fro, cause that’s case and point, the mechanism of digital platforms at play.  The act of manifestation has been around since the beginning of time.  The idea of manifestation as a means by which to attract desires is definitely a historic concept.  Yet, as cultural movements within a digital context would have it, human-kind has made manifestation-speak a thing, all over again.  (Here’s a post for another day…you’re always manifesting, the treasure lies in attracting desires that are meant to ultimately service, shift and elevate the energies and atmospheres around you).

I desire for us to know that manifesting our desires is more than a thing, it’s an act that begins with a pure and whole knowledge of self that’s predicated upon our ability to engage with the self who exists not just in this earthy realm, but the self who exists within this never-ending cosmic realm created and ruled by a never-ending God.  From what I see with my third eye and what I sense with my divine self, many of us are not fully aware of who we are, we have not identified who we are created by God to be, and we have not held firm to the truth that we were formed with divine purpose.  For many of us, our attachment to social media hinders our ability to seek our divine, truest and highest selves.  (Also another post for another day…to know God is to know yourself.  Your idea of God is limited, therefore, you too are limited and confined in your idea of self.)

I desire to see you operating within your divine purpose; a purpose that services, shifts, and elevates.  Get off social media sometimes, and get into yourself, ok?