Food, Glorious Food

I love to eat. Period. Point. Blank.

Listen people, veganism is not a practice in scarcity. Food options aboundeth, however, successful veganism takes cooking, experimenting, lots of grocery shopping, and some tweaks to the psyche. By psyche tweaks, I mean subtle (not drastic) changes to how you approach the journey. Instead of thinking: I’m limited in what I can eat. I choose to think: there’s so much I can try.

For instance, right now, it’s early Saturday morning, and I’m super hungry.  And I’ve sat in this bed and thought myself into a cooking frenzy. I can probably stand to go to the grocery store and re-up on food, but that’s definitely not happening at this moment cause I just don’t feel like going to the store.

Before I went to bed, I had my mind set on scrambled tofu with onion. So that’s a definite. Last night, my mom cooked some cabbage and squash, and it was bomb. I’ve got some cabbage in the fridge, so I’ll pan fry that. I also have some canned sweet peas. I haven’t eaten those in while, so I’ll quickly boil them with lots of pepper.  Earlier this week, I bought lots of cucumber for juicing. I may dice a couple of them, throw in some fresh diced tomatoes, chopped green and black olives, capers, fresh parsley, and a homemade vinaigrette.

These are all quick and easy, and I’ll have options to choose from all day.  I’ll see where the spirit takes me when I go in the kitchen. It may lead me to all of em, or just maybe a couple, but two things I know for sure: I’m finna cook and I’m finna eat. Cause: food aboundeth.

Sometimes I take pics of my food, but they’re not really single blog post worthy. So here’s a quick view of some of what I’ve eaten over the past few weeks.  Veganism can be glorious.


Black eye peas and green tomatoes


Broccoli and tater tots. I love both of these, but gotta be careful with tater tots, some brands can be heavily processed.


Daiya frozen pizza. Ummm, it was ok. It’s topped with vegan cheese that was surprisingly good. The crust was gluten free. I think that’s what threw the taste off for me.


Broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potato fries.


Scrambled tofu. Replaces scrambled eggs. Same texture as scrambled eggs…super quick, super easy, super filling.


Momma’s cabbage and squash