Hiatus, Y’all

I’m back, y’all!!!  From Cali, that is.

Sending much love to my baby bro for the invite, for hosting, for assisting, for showing Maddie and I so much care in sunny San Diego. Y’all be sure to follow him. He’s doing some pretty big things in the comedy world in San Diego. Look him up @Quincy Supersilly on FB.

San Diego was eventful. So much to see and do. Maddie and I shopped in Fashion Valley, awed at Lake Otay, took in the coast at Coronado Beach, and    gleamed at the majesty of orcas at Sea World.

Maddie and her uncle, Q, at Fashion Valley

Maddie and I at Fashion Valley

Massive sea turtle at Sea World

Yep, we had a ball, and we almost did it all. But the highlight…the food!

Who counted carbs in Cali? Not the kid. 

Maddie’s friend said she had to try In-N-Out Burger. I was mad, cause I don’t eat beef. But I had fries!


We got addicted to churros. This one spot had cream, chocolate, and apple filled options😍 We vowed to get churros everyday we were there.


I ate it all. And that was the plan. And I succeeded.

Cali was a much needed break. I needed new scenery. I needed a break from monotony. I needed a break from counting carbs.

I hardly checked social media while there. Didn’t really feel drawn to it.  Which has been the case, lately. I haven’t felt connected to my generation’s culture. It’s fast, it’s heady, it’s haughty, it’s pretentious, fake, copycat’ish. Not social media, not the people, but the culture.

Anyway, I got back to Memphis on Christmas Day, and ate some more. Even ate some turkey, which I hadn’t eaten almost all year. I officially put myself in a food coma that culminated on Christmas. Woke up the next morning and felt the strongest urge to eat vegan. Wasn’t a hard decision. I mean, for me that meant cutting fish, eggs, and dairy.

Yep, I’m just 5 days in. A few rough spots, like missing CHEESE😳.  But, my body deserves the best and I enjoy cooking, so I’ve been able to make the decision worth my while.  See!

Lentil soup, fried tofu w/ tomatoes, and roasted honey hot brussel sprouts. Oh my❤️

In just 5 days, my skin has improved, my nails are stronger, I can go a full day without coffee, my energy is pure, and even though I threw away my scale, I can tell I lost weight. All that, cause I changed what I consumed.

Of course this change in consumption translates across the board.  No social media? Let’s see what else changes. I’ve already made moves to go back to school in January to pursue a Bachelors of Science. Science, y’all. Me? Artsy Fartsy, Kim? In a sciencey field? Yep. My course of study was such an easy decision, just like going vegan. It just made sense. I’ll reveal more as I venture along.

I won’t be totally absent from the world. I’ll be back on FB and IG soon. But for now, I’ll only be posting here…sharing recipes, talking bout my style, selling earrings, all here on my newly, built from the ground up home. My old home was soooo dope. I spent so much time and energy perfecting it (read that story HERE). But, time brings about a change, right? And I needed new digs anyway, to usher in this new year.

Happy New Year, y’all!