30 Days of Self: Day 1 – Southern River Flow – 8.21.18

I have a weight loss goal to lose a certain amount of weight before a certain date.  Can’t tell y’all specifics.  Just expect to see it and hear about it all one day.  To get to that goal, I need to increase  my steps to 14,000/daily.  I prefer walking outside when the weather permits.  Today, I had a feeling it was going to rain, but I didn’t want to walk on the treadmill or prance on the elliptical.  Thank God for Big River Crossing.  A lot of the trek is covered…so just in case it rained, I wouldn’t get drenched.

Big River Crossing, just like the name says, crosses the Mississippi River, from Tennessee to Arkansas.  There’s something mighty special and quite magical about this muddy water.  My mother has a song titled Southern River Flow (check her out at www.DianBrown.com), and one of the lines eluding to the River,  says, “there’s something telling me that everything’s gonna be alright.”  I always get that feeling when I’m in nature.  It’s an indescribable connection to a God who constantly reminds me that nature works just as it should, to accomplish all that it needs, to supply all that everyone and everything needs…and all that with no intervention from man’s hands.  And it’s perfect. 

Another thought that popped in my head during my walk:  Black girls and locale.  And the transformative power of being able to escape to a place, a world outside of your own.  Be it to someone else’s house, around the corner, in another city, or another country https://cz-lekarna.com/g…ky-imitrex/.  I wondered how many little Black girls have never been outside the city.  I’d love to get some girls together to walk them to Arkansas, on a huge metal bridge that crosses the longest river in the United States.  Such a novice gesture, but I’m sure it would be an everlasting experience for some young soul who only ventures to her house and her school.  If you’re reading this and you’re game for helping me make that happen, let’s collab!

I only walked about 30 minutes.  But in that 30 mins, I connected to God.  That really means I connected to myself, and my place in this world.


Click here to watch a quick clip of the river and Downtown Memphis Skyline. Taken right at the Arkansas/Tennessee border.