30 Days of Self: Securing the Future Bag – 8.22.18

Today,  I had my annual check-in with my dearest friend and financial advisor, Jerri.  I kinda thought it was going to be a routine “this is what you’re doing now, and that’s great,” type deal, but it ended up being a “this is what you could be doing, and this will be better” situation.  After catching up on life for over an hour, we ended up talking about how well before my retirement age, I could set up Maddie and myself for an even more financially stable future.

Securing the bag is self-care, even if it’s not an immediate pay out.  It’s less stress and more freedom in my future.  

If you’re reading this and you want to learn more about how your money can be working for and not against you, I’d love to introduce you to Jerri.  She is passionate about helping individuals and families achieve financial freedom.  There’s no upfront money involved.  I promise, it won’t hurt to sit down with her and get this knowledge. Hit me up$