30 Days of Self: Don’t Talk. Just Listen. – 8.23.18

I porobably listen to more podcasts and talk radio, way more than I listen to music.  I like knowing what’s on people’s minds, I like tapping into the culture of other cities, I like knowing what’s going on in and around the globe.

But even the talking can get to be too much. Or when I’m listening to my favorite artist, there’s a point when the lyrics no longer resonate.  I’ve mastered the art of asking myself the question: is this banter or are these lyrics serving my greater purpose?  Seems like a heavy question to throw at such a seemingly trivial cause, but replace the word banter or lyrics with just about any noun, and you’ve got the question to end all questions!

The instant I realize I’m kinda over hearing people talk, or listening to people sing. or when I just need a soundtrack to help me focus on my own thoughts, I turn to the Focus station on Spotify.  Over 32 playlists devoted to mainly instrumentals and sounds.  Barely any songs with lyrics on these playlists.  And they’re categorized according to mood and sound.

I listen during my morning meditation, and lately, I’ve been listening before bedtime, while I’m moving around the house.  Yesterday I decided to tap a new mood: Focus Now. Y’all, it was beyond glorious; sonatas, concertos, symphonies, ensembles, overtures.  Classical music, if you will.  And I remembered that I played classical music for Maddie when she was a newborn.  And of course I think she’s a genius. Last year, she was the only orchestra student in her AP Music Theory course.  This may be a stretch, but could the classical music I allowed in her head space, have attributed to genius?

Anyway, this Focus Now playlist is all kinds of perfection for moments when words no longer serve my greater purpose.  Perhaps it will make me even smarter too😉