Morning Mantra Music

Coming off the heels of an enlightening conversation with my girl, Nakita, this morning I am even further diving into settling into and claiming my peace, before the day even begins. Wanna hear yesterday’s conversation? Check it out on my personal Facebook page, there are 2 FB live videos of us discussing peace, how it looks for us, how we maintain it, how we secure it.

In that conversation, we talked about rituals. Nakita shares how when she wakes in the morning, she sings a few songs to herself. I immediately got excited because I have a Spotify playlist titled Morning Mantra Music, full of songs that help me get my mind right before the day even begins. It’s not an everyday listen, but it’s such a timely and undergirding ritual for me.

If you have Spotify, here’s the link:

Don’t have Spotify, here are screenshots of the playlist, look for them on YouTube:

If you don’t have a morning ritual that focuses your mind on you, get you one. Beyond listening to music as I move through my morning, I also pray, light incense, write, get grounded in nature, deep breathe, meditate, and practice my mindfulness. No morning looks the same. As long as I’m starting my day tuning into myself, speaking to myself, loving myself, turning into myself, strengthening the foundation for my day, I’m set.

This morning, I went walking along the Mighty Mississippi, while listening to my Morning Mantra Music playlist. Y’all know I love water. This is just a portion of me practicing my peace ✌🏾 ❤️